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Jan 17, 2021

Dataverse has had custom actions for some time now, and now, a similar new tool is available to Dataverse developer, Custom APIs.  We've brought David Rivard on to not only help define what they are, but to talk about his new Dataverse Custom API collection.  Other topics covered:

  • What's the difference between Custom...

Jan 3, 2021

High quality blogs are always a helpful, and in this episode we speak to the managing editor of Dynamics Chronicles, Lloyd Sebag.  It started as a conversation into the XTB tools documented on the site, but dived into much much more!

Check out Dynamics Chronicles website, and the team that brings it to life:

Dec 13, 2020

Brand new baby MVP Matt Collins-Jones talks about his top 4 tools for creating Power Automate Flows, and the tools that we wish existed.

Be sure to check out Matt's YouTube channel!  Lot's of great content!

Tools Discussed:

Nov 29, 2020

Fellow MVP Neil Benson needed some help on a project and decided to use a lifeline and called Daryl and Jonas to ask what tools to use to document a system for a technical assessment.  We decided to record the phone call for all to enjoy.

Be sure to check out Neil's "Pimp My LinkedIn Profile" YouTube series!


Nov 15, 2020

Fellow MVP Amey Holden decides to turn the tables and interview us!  Be sure to check out Amey's "Pimp My LinkedIn Profile" YouTube series!

Topics Discussed:

  • What was our first tool?
  • 5318008 on our calculators
  • What's are favorite tools we didn't create?
  • 3d Dancing babies in PowerPoint: