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Oct 10, 2021

Daryl and Scott interview Bram Colpaert, a good lazy developer based in Belgium, and chat about one of his tools, the Data Transporter. 

Other topics:

  • Queen's English and George Doubinski's accent
  • Fellow listeners from The UP Podcast
  • Star Trek, Lieutenant Commander Data and transporter beam
  • Better Connection Management in XrmToolBox over Microsoft Tools
  • Scott spends his free time diving into Dataverse GUID generation
  • Daryl's magic trick to entertain aliens in Toy Story
  • Editor of XrmToolCast, Linn Zaw Win
  • The Simpsons episode about Homer repeatedly travels back in time with a toaster
  • Made-up words
  • Bram only works in the summer
  • Dad Jokes

Bram's Info and other links:

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