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Oct 24, 2021

In this episode, Daryl and Scott talk about their sessions and experiences at Summit NA 2021. This is the special episode that was recorded face-to-face at the Community News Desk room in the Community Summit North America venue.

Other topics:

  • Controversial opinion about laptop stickers
    Navigating COVID-19
  • Fusion teams
  • Is It Worth The Time? comic by xkcd
  • Daryl got distracted by a fly and his phone
  • Official collective terminology for customer engagement apps
  • Tips about snoozing email
  • Differences in presenting in-person
  • Practice round for try not to laugh episode
  • Adding cutout people into PowerPoint slide

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Your hosts:
Daryl LaBar: | @ddlabar
Scott Durow: | @ScottDurow

Editor: Linn Zaw Win:  | @LinnZawWin