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Jun 29, 2019

In this episode, we interview Scott Durow (@ScottDurow) the creator of the Ribbon Workbench and Sparkle Xrm framework.

  • The Birth of the Ribbon Workbench and it's architecture
  • Smart Buttons
  • The most common reason why something doesn't show in the Ribbon
  • Why the Ribbon Workbench will die
  • Why Scott got 200 support requests in a weekend
  • All of Scott's knowledge is in the Sparkle Xrm Framework. Use it!
  • What Microsoft could do to make Dev's lives easier
  • Jonas is waiting for FetchXml to out maneuver SQL
  • Scott defines his open source Ethos


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Your hosts:

Daryl LaBar: @ddlabar
Jonas Rapp: @rappen