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Dec 13, 2020

Brand new baby MVP Matt Collins-Jones talks about his top 4 tools for creating Power Automate Flows, and the tools that we wish existed.

Be sure to check out Matt's YouTube channel!  Lot's of great content!

Tools Discussed:

Nov 29, 2020

Fellow MVP Neil Benson needed some help on a project and decided to use a lifeline and called Daryl and Jonas to ask what tools to use to document a system for a technical assessment.  We decided to record the phone call for all to enjoy.

Be sure to check out Neil's "Pimp My LinkedIn Profile" YouTube series!


Nov 15, 2020

Fellow MVP Amey Holden decides to turn the tables and interview us!  Be sure to check out Amey's "Pimp My LinkedIn Profile" YouTube series!

Topics Discussed:

  • What was our first tool?
  • 5318008 on our calculators
  • What's are favorite tools we didn't create?
  • 3d Dancing babies in PowerPoint:

Nov 1, 2020

Repeat guest Marc Schweigert from Microsoft talks about the (almost released) Power Platform ALM Starter Kit, a tool to help manage and solve all your Power Platform ALM woes!

Topics Discussed:

  • Center of Excellence (COE) Starter Kit
  • Storing Theme data in CDS
  • Issues with naming an advanced tool without making...

Oct 18, 2020

In this episode we continue our talk with the hosts of The UP Podcast, Lisa Crosbie and Megan V. Walker.   Topics in this episode:

  • Megan succumbs to Jonas's date formatting peer pressure.
  • Jonas shoot's down Lisa's Australian tool ideas
  • Jonas enjoys listening about dresses while running
  • Lisa learns about the Iconnator...