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Apr 16, 2019

In this episode (brought to you by D365UG), we interview Natraj Yegnaraman (@RajYRaman, the creator of Level Up and multiple tools in the XrmToolBox.

Topics discussed
– Level Up - The best tool admins love to hate
– Side loading Level Up in Firefox/Edge
– Solution History (XTB Plugin)
– Solution Installer (XTB Plugin)
– Export To Excel (XTB Plugin)
– Entity Image Uploader (XTB Plugin)
– Recent Items Manager (XTB Plugin)
– Lazy Developers
– Natraj shuns Dynamics

Got questions? Have your own tool you'd like to share? Have a suggestion for a future episode? Contact Daryl and Jonas at

Download the Level Up from the Chrome Extensions Store: , Also download the XrmToolBox from and install Natraj's plugins from the plugin store!

Your hosts:

Daryl LaBar: @ddlabar
Jonas Rapp: @rappen