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Aug 17, 2019

In this episode of firsts, we have our first return guest, the Xrm Wizard himself Magnus Sørensen (@XrmWizard), and the first time having two guests as Jordi Montaña also joins us as we take a deep dive into automated testing of Xrm/CDS/D365 CE!

  • Why use a mocking framework specifically tailored for Xrm
  • The biggest reason to do automated testing with plugins/workflows
  • How client side service requests testing fits in 
  • Deep dives into FakeXrmEasy, XrmMockup, and XrmUnitTest
    • What are the differences
    • How are they similar
    • Which one should you choose


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Your hosts:

Daryl LaBar: @ddlabar
Jonas Rapp: @rappen