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Jun 19, 2022

Daryl and Scott shared horror stories about things that did not go quite as planned and the pranks they have pulled on their colleagues.

Some of the highlights:

  • If you were an interviewer, would you hire someone who answers "I have never done anything wrong in my career"
  • Battle scars of Daryl and Scott
  • Two Concurrent Publish All actions could make the server hang in the early days of CRM online
  • Daryl attached a debugger to the process on the on-prem server and everyone complained that the Dev instance was not working
  • Using the same service principal across multiple environments and hitting API limit affects all environments
  • Daryl almost truncated one of the tables in the UAT environment with millions of records
  • Daryl's home renovation horror stories
  • The worst sinking feeling that Scott had
  • Daryl's car buying experience
  • Inheriting a project with JavaScript without namespaces and the web resource files without extensions
  • What do you do when you inherit the project with no source code for the plugin or the source code does not match the functionality?
  • What is worse than having no error message for an error?
  • What is your error handling approach for plugin development?
  • The disadvantage of deploying the PCF Code Component or assembly compiled in debug mode to a Production environment
  • Testing as a system administrator
  • Things to look out for before reparenting the business unit
  • What is the worst auto-numbering solution that you have seen?
  • A bug in Retrieve plugin for systemuser table locked everyone out of the system
  • Pranks that Daryl has pulled on his colleagues
  • Be careful what you encourage by giving badges when you gamify the system
  • Less code, fewer horror stories

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