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May 8, 2022

Daryl and Scott interview Diana Birkelbach, PCF Lady, about the latest improvements for the Colorful Optionset PCF control.

Some of the highlights:

  • If it ain’t your computer, don’t touch the screen
  • Using React and Fluent UI for PCF Control
  • Diana's helpful hints for picking up react
  • What is React-based virtual code component
  • Advantages of Virtual Controls
    • Size of files
    • Visible Performance improvements
    • Allows for Some Fluent UI controls to communicate across PCF controls
  • What happens when MS update the React used in the platform?
  • Diana talks through some of her future plans/ideas for Canvas Apps/Custom Pages
  • Diana shares her PCF  Wishlist
  • Scott apologizes to the Classic UI
  • Jonas used Early Bound in a Plugin
  • Diana's "Hooked to PCF" session in Power Apps Developer Bootcamp

Diana's Info and other links:

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